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REAL EYEZ: Race, Reality and Politics In 21st Century Popular Culture

ISBN 978-0-9723880-4-7 * $20.00 * Hardback * 358 Pages * Also available in e-book
BOOK SYNOPSIS: REAL EYEZ is a critical examination of American society’s changing social norms. Dr. Samad’s latest work takes a scholarly look at American insititutions (race, religion, politics and education) and dominent cultural practices (national identity, racism, sport, social stigmatim, sex, redemption, counter-culturalism, rebellion, popular acceptance and tragedy) in the context of 21st Century “new normals.” Written in an irreverent popular culture lexicon, Samad analyzes the changes that have taken place in American society over the past two decades, many invisible but in plain sight, that have ushered in unprecedented cultural shifts.

Saving The Race: Empowerment Through Wisdom

Daily Affirmations For Young Black Males
ISBN 978-0-9723880-3-0 * $15.00* Paperback* 220 pages

BOOK SYNOPSIS: Saving The Race: Empowerment Through Wisdom is a book of essays and daily affirmations for young men who face the hard challenges of every day life, and the unique challenge of being black males under seige, in America.
The book is designed to inspire young men to think positive, to aspire to achieve, resist negative

influences and build faith in their efforts to be successful in life, in love and in their accomplishments. Save The Race targets America “at-risk” populations, young men who are at a crossroads in life, young men re-entering society from juvenile justice and corrections systems, young men afflicted by gangs and the pressures of sex, alcohol, drugs that can lead them into bad decision, and encourages to view failure and momentary challenges as life lessons and opportunities to succeed.

Saving The Race is for every young man who needs positive reinforcement in their life, on a daily basis, and for mother, sister and significant other who knows a young without a positive influence in their life. It is the responsibility of us all to “save the race” by reaching to these young men, building their judgement, and help guide their thinking in a way that leads them to, and keeps them on, the right track in life.

50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality In America

“African America’s Continuing Pursuit of 14th Amendment
Civil and Equal Protection Rights”

ISBN 978-0-9723880-2-8 * $24.95* Hardback* 470 pages

BOOK SYNOPSIS: 50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality In America is an assessment of the state of equality forĀ  Blacks in America, fifty years after the United States Supreme Court ruled America’s nearly sixty year old practice of Jim Crow Segregation was illegal and to be banished from American society.

Examining the 50th Anniversary of Brown versus The Board of Education of Topeka, KS , the case that successfully engaged the U.S. Supreme Court to give African Americans full protections under the 14th Amendment and rule “Separate but Equal” de jure segregation as unconstitutional serving as the backdrop, this book looks to assess what equality means in America and whether equality for Blacks has ever been achieved.

50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality In America analyzes the history of equality definitions in America, how equality was obtained, what the “privileges” of equality have been, and what were the conditions under which equality has been maintained. Analyzed in three sections, 50 Years After Brown: The State of Black Equality In America assesses the reoccurring challenges African Americans have faced, and still face, in their 225 year fight to receive equal benefits and equal protection under the law in the United States of America. The book, based on research stemming from Samad’s on-going dissertation study, highlights several questions relative to, “What is equality in America, and what privileges and societal benefits extend from equality?,” “Who is entitled to equality in America?,” and most critically, “Have African Americans ever been extended true equality, and are they ‘equal’ in today’s society of race, class and privilege?” Samad seeks to examine equality in its truest context of civil liberties and civil rights, not only as defined and extended by the Constitution but, as defined by popular culture and practiced through societal attitudes.

Souls For Sale: The Diary of an Ex-Colored Man

ISBN 978-0-9723880-0-1 * $35.00* Hardback* 664 pages*

BOOK SYNOPSIS: Conflict and Compromise of Second Generation Advocacy in the Post Civil Rights Era
Souls for Sale: The Diary of an Ex-Colored Man is a firsthand account (autobiography) about the experiences of a young man seeking to bring change in his community (Los Angeles, CA) and learns about the conflicts and compromises that come with trying to advance a “1980′s civil rights” progress agenda.

The book focuses on the perspectives of the leadership decisions of a second generation (post-civil rights era) advocate who is ultimately compromised and jailed for taking on controversial issues. The book chronologizes the authors involvement in several issues in the mid 1980′s of local and national consequence.

It is a discussion of the generational conflicts and compromises of the post civil right era advocacy (1980 to the present) and the inner race conflicts of advocating for equality, fairness and principle during the 1980′s, a decade of greed, in a time when the Regan Administration began to simultaneously reintroduced a new social construct and targeted economic prosperity (“Reaganomics”) that effectively ended the old “civil rights era.”


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